How To Build A Tree Stand

Home-made Treestand

The building of your own personal deer hunting tree stand can be done with ease. Building a ladder stand is fairly simple and can help you in bagging your deer by keeping you high above the ground out of the sight and smell range of a deer. Be innovative and experimental when you build your stand. Build it for comfort and safety because you will be sitting in it's seat for long periods of time.

Selecting wood as a building material for you tree stand is a cheap and a innovative way of standing for deer. The trick is once you have it built, make sure you have it placed where you plan to hunt at least two months ahead of time, so the deer can get use to it's placement in the deer woods. Deer notice odd objects in the woods and they know if something is out of place.


Ladder stands are easy to make and you can use good scrap wood in it's construction. The longest standard length of a 2x4 is twenty foot. You will need two pieces of 2x4 twenty foot long. Lay them out side by side with the two inch side facing up.


The rungs can be made of 2x4 too. Cut the rungs in two foot sections. You will need at least fourteen rungs cut in two foot pieces. Take the rungs for the ladder and place them on the two twenty foot pieces of 2x4 you have layed out on the ground. The rungs should be layed out on a foot and a half intervals on the ladder.


Cut two pieces, at two and a half foot of 2x4 for the top. Place them where they are supposed to be attached attached at the top for the seat. Find a piece of half inch ply wood and cut it two foot by two foot for the seat. Cut a V in to the plywood at the back of the seat to allow a groove for placement against the tree.


Fasten the rungs with screws(all weather). You could use nails but screws will ensure your safety while you are up the tree. At least four screws per rung should be used. Be careful not to split the wood if you have to pre-drill the screw holes do so. Attach the two and a half 2x4s at a slight angle at the top,this will allow the proper angle and space from the bottom to the top of stand against the tree. Attach the two foot by two foot piece of plywood with the V pointing towards the back of stand. Attach it with screws also.


Mount a old piece of dog chain to the sides so you can secure it to the tree once you stand it up. It will keep the stand from shifting once you are in the tree. You can also add a lock to keep the act of theft out of the deer woods.


You can even cut the seat belts out of a old car and mount them to the seat edges for extra safety while you are up the tree. You can paint it camouflage or a green color of your choice, just make sure it blends in with the surroundings. Fall protection is a must when you are hunting alone.


Another thought on transporting your newly made tree stand to the deer woods. You can cut the stand supports in half and put heavy duty locking hinges in place so you can fold the stand in half for easier transporting. This also makes it easier to handle and carry in the back of your truck. Transporting it on a four wheeler can be tricky but dragging it behind your ATV is the best way to get it to your hunting spot if allowed by the land owner.

Ladder stands are easy stands to build and cost little money compared to other light wieght fabricated stands in stores. You can make as many as you need to keep from moving and placing throughout the woods.

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